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Air Conditioner Installation

Undertaking a new air conditioner installation is a massive investment. Therefore, you want to be sure you are getting exactly the right model, type, and size for your property.

That is why our experts will work with you throughout the whole process to make sure that the unit you install is exactly what will work best for the dimensions of your home and the needs of your household.

Our Approach

When you request a free air conditioning quote from us, you will be contacted by one of our specialists within the shortest time. We will start off by performing a full analysis of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs.

Once we fully understand the situation, we will then propose the ideal HVAC solution. Our service methodology focuses on clearly explaining all the details and answering any questions that may be on your head. We never try and rush our clients into a purchase that in not in their best interest!

Professional Air Conditioning System Installations

To get most of our air conditioning system, it needs to be correctly sized for your home and professionally installed to maximize energy efficiency.

Not only that, but our HVAC can help assess your current system sustainability for an add-on air conditioner upgrade. This is because cold air is harder to move upwards than warm air. Therefore, we need to be sure that your current system will work properly with your new air conditioner.

Rialto air conditioning services

It is the professional advice that you need to make the ideal choice. Our HVAC Company will help you with the best professional advice for your home or place of work.

Fast Air Conditioning Install times

We have just the right number of installation technicians in our area of service. This allows us to pick installation dates as quickly as possible with our clients.

We have been installing AC systems and have the right experience to do any job. We have built our reputation on superb service, attention to detail, and commitment to install systems when it is most convenient for you.

Carefully Selected Products

Our company is an authorized dealer for some of the most efficient air conditioner brands. All the systems that we install have highly rated features, are energy efficient and have warranties and reliability.

Our air conditioners are as a result of an extensive selection process. In fact, all of our models have been carefully picked for their effective energy-efficiency and durability.

Furthermore, to surpass your expectations and provide you with the much-needed peace of mind, our brand-name products are meticulously installed by qualified technicians.

Whether you are looking for a central or wall mounted air conditioner, we have the best appliances to meet all your needs. At our HVAC, we offer high-quality air conditioning products and services in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas.

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Wall-mounted air conditioners

These units are a less expensive alternative to central air conditioning and are exceptionally quiet and efficient.

They Stylish, slim and elegant, the wall mounted split system incorporates two major components. One is attached to an inside wall that delivers cool and refreshing air to the room. A second unit is located outside the home or condo, connected by a simple pair of refrigerant lines.

The latest AC features and add-ons

Our company can help you with the latest features and add-ons to your system. We may include gas-fired furnace integration for an all-in-one new installation, easy-to-read digital thermostats, air quality control including anti-allergy and humidity management, and zoning. We also have the ability to set different climate levels around your home for total control.

Residential Air Conditioning

You can trust us with your residential air conditioning installation. With our vast knowledge and experience, we will help you throughout every step of the process.

We can assist you to choose the right air conditioning unit for your home, and carry out a problem free installation. With our AC installation, you can be sure that you are purchasing an energy efficient, high-performance unit that is built to last.

Residential Air Conditioning Products

In the past years, we have developed strong relationships with many heating, cooling and ventilation suppliers. We are therefore able to offer our customers high-quality air conditioning solutions at extremely competitive prices.

We service and install many major brands including; Trane, Carrier, York, Lennox, Ruud, Modine, Reznor, Master, Jess, Rheem, & Goodman.

Residential Air Conditioning Services

Our company offers a full line of central air conditioning services including:

  • Full HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installations
  • Humidifier Installations
  • Furnace installations
  • Thermostat installations
  • Air exchanger installations
  • Forced air heating installations
  • Air conditioning (AC) compressor installations
  • Forced air heating installations
  • Air conditioning repair and maintenance

Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We are also specialized in commercial and industrial applications of HVAC. We are always on standby to respond to your project’s needs. Our project management team will ensure the timely delivery and installation of any sized systems.

We offer a full line of industrial and commercial air conditioning services including:

  • Installation
  • Service & Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Overall H.V.A.C Analysis
  • Server Room Cooling
  • Project Planning
  • System Zoning and Controls
  • Air Balancing and Humidification
  • Consultations
  • Air conditioning repair and maintenance

Partner with us today in your AC project and take advantage of our extensive expertise to guide you through the entire process.

Leave it to our hard-working team of specialist. Our team will execute the installation, and follow up by putting into place a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan. When you are in urgent need an AC installation, you can rely on us.

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For any HVAC issues, call us today and speak to one of our specialists. We are ready to help you with all the installation of either new or old AC systems. We are prompt and will be at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

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