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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services in the Rancho Cucamonga Area


When it comes to your commercial air conditioning or heating needs, you can count on the professionals at Rancho Cucamonga Heat and Air Conditioning.

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We offer emergency repair services, as well as design and implementation, installation and regular maintenance. Our trained technicians specialize in temperature control needs for retail chains, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses and other commercial properties.


Rancho Cucamonga Heat and Air Conditioning is the leader in the area and surrounding communities when it comes to new installation or replacement of your commercial air conditioning and heating systems.

When AC or heating issues arise, you want a company that is reliable and capable of handling your needs.Our technicians are experienced with the installation process of all types of HVAC equipment, including:

  • Rooftop units
  • Exhaust and supply fans
  • Split systems
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Temperature control systems
  • VAV systems


Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly repairs, or total failure of your HVAC unit, is to have routine maintenance performed. This is an important investment that all business owners should make. Chances are this will save you money in the long run.

Due to the climate in Southern California during the summer months, your air conditioning unit can consume up to half of the energy your commercial building consumes. Keeping your employees and visitors comfortable is important, making it imperative that your HVAC unit is performing at optimum efficiency.

The EPA suggests that you have your unit serviced and inspected at least twice a year. We recommend you have this done before the cooler months and before summer, so that you are prepared for any extreme weather events.

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We offer a variety of maintenance services, including:

  • Thermostat inspection
  • Inspection of the condensation drain for any clogs or blockages
  • Checking filters and air flow
  • Lubricating of all moving parts
  • Checking the unit for any start up or shut down issues
  • Inspection of the blower wheel housing and motor
  • Inspection of bearings, belts and pulleys
  • Inspection of the outdoor coils for dirt or debris
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils if needed
  • Checking and adjusting appropriate Freon levels
  • For gas units, pressure will be checked for any leaks. Burner and heat exchanger will also be inspected

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Repairs and Emergency Services

Commercial heating and cooling systems are designed to handle larger loads, meaning they are much stronger and more durable than your typical residential air conditioning and heating systems. While they last longer, it doesn’t mean that you will not encounter an occasional problem.

As can be expected, when there is a problem it will likely be larger and more expensive than a residential unit. No business can afford any downtime due to intolerable conditions. This is why scheduled maintenance is so important. The earlier the problem is discovered and rectified, the better.

Some of the most common issues our commercial clients experience are:

  • Thermostat problems. There are various reasons why a thermostat may act up. Commercial buildings that have zone control systems can commonly have problems with different areas. This is something that should be handled by trained technicians that understand these types of complex systems.
  • Unbalanced temperatures. Uneven temperatures may occur for a few reasons. The most common reason is when the HVAC unit on the building is not the correct size. If your system is incapable of heating or cooling the square footage of the building you will notice areas that are not receiving air.Montclair HVAC

Problems with the duct work, such as being damaged or becoming dislodged will also cause spotty temperatures. On occasion the problem will be with the thermostat, especially those that are set up on zone control.

  • Fan damage.This is one of the more common reasons for HVAC problems that we see. The condensing fan motor endures extreme temperatures and elements throughout the year, as it is virtually exposed.
  • Dirty equipment.Dirt and other debris can cause major damage to your system. These particles often accumulate in the condensing coil of the air conditioner resulting in reduced efficiency and capacity. When the coils are extremely dirty, you will notice the unit starting to freeze up. This ice maybe seen on the copper lines on the inside or outside of your unit.
  • Low coolant.This can be caused from a leak or just from everyday use. If you get your regularly scheduled routine maintenance, running out shouldn’t be an issue. A few signs that your system is low on refrigeration are: blowing hot air when thermostat is on cool, spike in electric bill, coils are frozen, or the area takes forever to cool off.

Rancho Cucamonga Heat and Air Conditioning offers professional repair services in the Rancho Cucamonga area, as well as surrounding communities. We understand the importance of your heating and cooling needs, and the effect it has on your business. Our friendly staff will arrive and diagnose your issue promptly, reducing your downtime.

Please keep in mind, all of the system failures and repairs listed in this article should be addressed by a professional technician. You can count on us. We are the premier HVAC repair company in Southern California!

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