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Why Annual Furnace Tune-Ups are Important

During a furnace tune-up, you can expect an experienced technician to check all parts of your furnace and heating system including:

  • Filters
  • Ventilation
  • Safety Controls
  • Thermostats
  • Fan belts and blowers
  • Pilot lights
  • Burners
  • Motors

Your furnace and heating system are sure to last through the bitter cold winter months with thorough testing and inspection.

Furnace Installation Services

The overall performance, efficiency, and lifespan of a furnace is determined not only by the quality of the product but also the expertise of the furnace installation company.

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If your furnace is improperly sized or installed, your system may require more frequent maintenance and repair and can even have a reduced lifespan. We have been installing furnaces in for a long time.

Make sure you trust your home’s comfort with the best!

Furnace Maintenance Services

The best way to make sure your furnace will reliably heat your home all winter long is to have regular maintenance. This will ensure all important components of your furnace system are in good working order and reduce the need for repairs.

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A complete system checks every 6 months can significantly improve the performance and lifespan of your furnace for years to come. Learn more about enrolling in our maintenance plan and enjoy comfort all year long!

Furnace Repair Services

Unfortunately, repairs are a part of life when you own a furnace. However, they don’t have to be a hassle! Delaying necessary repairs can put your furnace at risk of long-lasting damage that could result in the need for a furnace replacement.

We can provide you with timely and affordable furnace repair services, so your home is never uncomfortable.

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Furnace Replacement Services

At our company, our furnace replacement experts can remove your old furnace and replace it with a newer and more efficient furnace that will last for years.

If your heating bills are getting out of control, furnace replacement may be a cost-effective solution even if your current furnace is still working.

Furnaces today are made to be more energy efficient than those made 10 years ago and the cost-savings of upgrading will pay for the cost of replacing your furnace many times over during the life of the unit.

Our Furnace Inspection Process

A furnace requires annual service and maintenance to make sure it performs as it should. Even if your furnace appears to be working properly, it’s smart to schedule a furnace service appointment.

When you schedule a furnace inspection with one of our certified HVAC technicians, we will check and inspect every part of your entire heating system to ensure that it will operate at maximum efficiency.

Our standard furnace inspection includes:

  • Replacing standard air filter
  • Cleaning and inspecting burners
  • Cleaning and adjusting pilot burner/HSI
  • Testing furnace burner starter
  • Checking and adjusting gas pressure
  • Checking for gas leaks at furnace
  • Visually inspecting heat exchanger where accessible
  • Examining flue pipe and condition
  • Testing for proper airflow
  • Checking and tightening all electrical connection
  • Checking motor voltage and amperage
  • Checking and adjusting all safeties
  • Testing blower motor starter
  • Setting humidifier for winter operation and test
  • Testing complete heating cycle
  • And more!

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Importance of Furnace Inspections

While furnace inspections aren’t mandatory, scheduling a tune-up for the fall will ensure that your furnace is in tip-top shape before the cold weather makes an appearance.

The preventative measures taken during a furnace inspection will help your system not just make it through this winter, but many seasons to come.

Just like it can be hard to cold start a car after months of not using it, your furnace needs a little “TLC” to get it running optimally for another cold season.

Many manufacturer warranties become void if your furnace is not inspected by a licensed technician every year. Some manufacturers even require proof that it was properly checked by a professional. Therefore, always keep a receipt for your records just in case!

Inspections can also prevent costly repairs (or even more expensive replacement) down the road. If during your inspection, our heating experts find anything wrong with your furnace, they will be able to repair your furnace quickly and efficiently. We do this while keeping you and your family nice and toasty during even the coldest months.

A Seasonal Clean & Check from Air Professionals will:

  • Ensure your furnace is running at its best
  • Maximize energy efficiency and save you money in energy costs
  • Prevent unexpected repair bills
  • Extend the lifespan of your unit
  • Uphold many manufacturer’s warranties
  • And more

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