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From a dead battery to a thermostat sensor that isn’t calibrated properly, there are many thermostat problems that can take place.

If it has been a while since you last switched out your thermostat batteries, it might be time to do so to avoid any headaches with the settings you have in place.

The thermostat is the remote control for your home’s heating and cooling systems. It works to control your system and deliver the exact room temperature you desire. There are two basic types: electro-mechanical thermostats and digital thermostats.

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Electro-mechanical thermostats

Electro-mechanical thermostats are the older types with little metal coils and a mercury tube inside. As the temperature in a room shifts, the coils either contract or expand, pushing the mercury to one end of its tube or the other, which signals the HVAC system to either turn on or off.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are much more accurate at keeping your home comfortable. Most models today are programmable thermostats, which means you can set times for your system to run or shut down. Because you have much more control, you can save on your energy costs by reducing your heat and cooling when you don’t need as much.

Invest in a dependable thermostat for your HVAC system.

You are not doing your new heating and air conditioning system any justice if you don’t get a smart thermostat to match.

There are some thermostats out there, but they may not be the right one for your equipment. Our thermostats come in a variety of sizes, models, setups, etc. They are tailored to your specific system wants and needs.

For simple, user-friendly options to programmable systems that can help you save money contact us today!

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What is a programmable thermostat?

These smart thermostats work with your schedule to provide heating and cooling capabilities when you need them. You can set your HVAC system to run when you are home, or right before you get home so that your system isn’t running when you don’t need it to. This can help you save energy and may, in turn, help you save money on heating and cooling costs.

You can select from the many available options that we have to match all your heating and cooling thermostat search to your needs.

Advantages of programmable electronic thermostats

  • Temperatures timed to match your household’s lifestyle and set in each room separately or for your whole home
  • Temperature automatically lowered at certain times of day
  • Substantial savings on heating costs (up to 5% when you turn the temperature down 3°C for eight hours), without sacrificing comfort
  • Ability to override programmed settings or return to manual mode
  • Various levels of programming for greater flexibility
  • Rooms always kept at the same temperature do not require a programmable thermostat

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