Debunking Myths About Heating Oil and Kerosene in Tonawanda, NY

While it’s well known that NOCO – Tonawanda 100 James Ave is a leading provider for heating oil and kerosene in Tonawanda, NY and Buffalo, NY, there appear to be certain misconceptions lingering around these energy sources. We are eager to tackle these myths and present you with the facts!

Myth One: Heating Oil is Harmful to the Environment

Some individuals have the notion that heating oil is incredibly damaging to the environment. The truth is, todays’s heating oil is much cleaner than it used to be. Modern, low-sulfur varieties of heating oil produce fewer emissions, and technological improvements have significantly increased the efficiency of oil heating systems. In fact, a well-maintained oil heating system can burn 95% of its fuel – leaving very little waste. Check out the benefits of heating oil on our website to learn more.

Myth Two: Kerosene is More Dangerous Than Other Fuels

Another misconception circles around the safety of kerosene. The truth is, when used and stored correctly, kerosene is no more dangerous than other home heating fuels. As with any type of fuel, it’s crucial to handle it properly to minimize risk. Kerosene does not explode or ignite easily, as its flash point (the temperature at which it can ignite) is higher than other fuel oils. This makes it a safe choice for home use.

Myth Three: Heating Oil and Kerosene are More Expensive

When it comes to the cost, many people assume that heating oil or kerosene is far more expensive than other heating options. However, the reality is that these energy sources can be cost-effective over time. Though the upfront cost may seem high, these fuels tend to be efficient for heating, meaning you could use less fuel over time, resulting in lower costs in the long run.

Our team at NOCO is committed to breaking down these myths and helping the residents of Tonawanda, Buffalo, and beyond to understand the benefits of utilizing heating oil and kerosene. It’s time to cast aside these misconceptions and make informed choices for your home’s energy needs. To learn more about our reliable delivery service, visit our services page today.