Daily Grind of an HVAC Technician

6:00 AM – Rise and Shine

The day begins before the sun peeks over the horizon. After a quick breakfast, I load up my van with the necessary tools and equipment for the day’s appointments.

7:30 AM – First Stop: Air Conditioner Service

  • Arrive at the customer’s home in Skokie, IL
  • Perform a thorough inspection of their central air conditioning unit
  • Clean the condenser coils and replace the air filter
  • Ensure proper refrigerant levels and check for any leaks
  • Test the system’s operation and make necessary adjustments

10:00 AM – AC Repair in Evanston

Next up is a call for an air conditioner repair in Evanston. The homeowner reports that their unit is not cooling properly. After some troubleshooting, I discover a faulty compressor and replace it with a new one.

1:00 PM – Lunch Break

A well-deserved break to refuel and recharge for the afternoon appointments.

2:30 PM – Air Conditioning Installation in Lincolnwood

The final job of the day is a complete air conditioning installation for a newly constructed home in Lincolnwood. I work diligently to install the outdoor condenser unit and indoor air handler, ensuring proper ductwork connections and system configurations.

6:00 PM – Wrap Up

After a long but satisfying day, I return to the office to log my work orders, restock any necessary supplies, and prepare for tomorrow’s adventures in the world of HVAC.