10 Essential DIY Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System


Farley & Hysaw Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. is committed to helping homeowners maintain their HVAC systems efficiently. While professional maintenance is crucial, there are several DIY tasks you can perform to keep your system running smoothly between service appointments. Here are ten essential tips to help you maintain your HVAC system and improve its performance.

1. Change Air Filters Regularly

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to maintain your HVAC system is to change air filters regularly. Dirty filters restrict airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially damaging your system. Aim to replace filters every 1-3 months, depending on usage and environmental factors.

2. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

Ensure the area around your outdoor unit is clear of debris, leaves, and vegetation. Maintain a 2-foot clearance around the unit to allow for proper airflow. Gently clean the unit with a garden hose to remove dirt and grime.

3. Inspect and Clean Air Vents

Regularly check your home’s air vents for dust, debris, or obstructions. Vacuum the vents and ensure furniture or curtains aren’t blocking airflow. This simple task can significantly improve your system’s efficiency.

4. Monitor Thermostat Settings

Proper thermostat settings can save energy and reduce wear on your HVAC system. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to automate temperature adjustments based on your schedule.

5. Check and Clean Condensate Drain Line

A clogged condensate drain line can lead to water damage and system inefficiency. Locate the drain line near your indoor unit and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any blockages. Pour a cup of white vinegar down the line monthly to prevent algae growth.

6. Lubricate Moving Parts

Some HVAC systems have parts that require regular lubrication. Consult your owner’s manual to identify these components and apply a few drops of lightweight machine oil as needed.

7. Inspect Ductwork

Examine visible ductwork for signs of damage, leaks, or disconnections. Seal any small leaks with metal-backed tape or mastic sealant. For larger issues, contact Farley & Hysaw for professional repairs.

8. Test Your System Regularly

Run your system through a heating and cooling cycle periodically, even during off-seasons. This helps identify potential issues before they become major problems.

9. Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Dirty coils can significantly reduce your system’s efficiency. Carefully clean the evaporator coil (indoor unit) with a soft brush and a no-rinse coil cleaner. For the condenser coil (outdoor unit), use a garden hose to gently spray away debris.

10. Check Insulation

Inspect the insulation around refrigerant lines connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Replace any damaged or missing insulation to maintain energy efficiency.


While these DIY tips can help maintain your HVAC system, it’s important to remember that some tasks are best left to professionals. Farley & Hysaw Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. recommends scheduling professional maintenance at least once a year to ensure your system operates at peak performance.

By following these tips and partnering with Farley & Hysaw for professional service, you can extend the life of your HVAC system, improve its efficiency, and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. Remember, a well-maintained HVAC system not only performs better but also helps reduce energy costs and prevents unexpected breakdowns.