A Day in the Life: Behind the Scenes at NOCO – Lockport, NY

My day begins bright and early as I set out from my home in Lockport, NY, a picturesque attachment to NOCO’s vibrant service hub. Serving customers across Western New York in communities such as Newfane, East Amherst, Gasport, Pendleton, South Lockport and of course, Lockport itself, being part of the NOCO team is a busy but rewarding job.

Propane Delivery: More than just a service

The first order of business is navigating the roads with a large propane delivery truck, on a mission to fulfill timely propane deliveries. Getting propane to our customers in Gasport, NY and surrounding areas promptly and safely is critical, especially during our relentless New York winters!

Living in the Northeast, I learned early on about the importance of reliable heating systems and have become profoundly adept at understanding our equipment. Now, I am providing homes and businesses in East Amherst, NY, Pendleton, NY, South Lockport, NY and surrounding areas, with the vital energy they need to stay warm and comfortable.

Heating Oil & HVAC Service Calls

Midday, the focus often shifts to heating oil and HVAC calls. When a customer from Newfane, NY, calls because their heating system is malfunctioning, you can bet one of us from the NOCO team is quickly dispatched to their location.

As we transition from location to location, the interaction with customers and the chance to assist in their comfort and safety is truly rewarding. In-between service calls, time is spent wisely maintaining our equipment and keeping our trucks ready for the next delivery or service call.

End of a Fruitful Day

As the day winds down, returning to the hub in Lockport, NY never fails to be one of the most satisfying parts of the day. After serving our communities and ensuring they have the necessary resources for their heat and energy needs, there’s a strong sense of accomplishment knowing we as a team have served our customers well.

Then it’s home to rest and to prepare for another day in the life at NOCO – Lockport, NY, serving our beautiful neighborhoods. It’s a tough but rewarding job and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Days may be long and winters may be harsh, but we at NOCO are committed to doing our part to keep homes and businesses warm all year round.